Sunday, November 22, 2009


She's down on the ground and she's broken
Her face is tear stained, she's been crying
She doesn't feel like she has strength to go on
She feels like she's two seconds from dying.

She's lost all she loves and she cares for
There's nothing left here for her now
She wishes that she could just cease to exist,
Disappear, but she doesn't know how.

So she cries out to God up in Heaven
To release her and save her from her pain
But her body was wracked with emotional sobs
She felt she had cried out in vain.

But then agony loosened its grip on her heart
A calming peace took its place in her mind
A loving voice said to her, "My child trust me
And you'll see things grow better with time."

She's up off the ground and not broken
God pieced her together with His hands
So here she is with the Lord as her guide
For together with Christ now she stands.


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