Sunday, November 22, 2009

[. she . cries . at . night .]

There was a little girl
Who used to cry while she slept
Like there was some bad secret
That only her dreams kept.
If you looked at her precious face
While she dreamed, you could see tears
For all the pain inside her heart
That had grown throughout the years.
She had no one to come to though
No one to help her through the hurt.
She had only her dream world
But that just made things worse.
Worse, cause in her dreams at night
She had all she ever needed.
But when she woke, like ocean waves
Her dreams always receded.
They left her with nothing
Short of what she'd had before.
No, when she woke, instead
Her pain had increased ten times more.
She'd lie awake in the dark
Then cry herself to sleep.
But you saw, the tears don't stop there
She continues to weep.
She sees angels in her head
While she sleeps, who take her pain.
But when she wakes those visions
Have become her very bane.
They're the reason she doesn't
Want to close her eyes at night.
It just makes her heart heavier
To see them so pure and bright.
The little girl is innocent
And yet her hurt's so deep.
The only thing she asks
Is for you to hold her while she sleeps.
February 18, 2002

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