Sunday, November 22, 2009


Looking past the iron bars
I long to just be free.
I'm curled up and dying here
But I can't make them see.

Tears slowly slide down my face
As I watch from the inside.
I just want to disappear
But I've got nowhere to hide.

They find it amusing
To cause me constant pain.
I've yearned for sunshine in my life
But I see clouds and rain.

I'm shivering and all alone
There's no one to comfort me.
No one to tell me it's ok
Just those who want to hurt me.

Someone please unlock the door
Let me out of this cage.
Hold me while I let go
Of all my pain, my hurt, my rage.

Keep me close to stop my shaking
Be there to dry my tears.
Stay with me in to the night.
Please help calm my fears.

Don't let them taunt me anymore
Make sure they'll never tease.
Keep me with you, safe from harm
Just love me... please.

November 19, 2001

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