Sunday, February 28, 2010

[. Black . Heart .]

You took me in covered in filth
With a heart as black as night
I'd long since given up on You
I'd long since lost the fight.

You watched from the shadows
As I'd stumble and I'd fall
You watched as I'd struggle to rise
Or at times not rise at all.

You walked cloes beside me
Though I never looked your way
When everyone else left me
I never saw that you would stay

I longed to just be noticed
I was dying for a friend
When I had no one to turn to
You were with me in the end.

You washed me clean and changed me
You took my heart and made it pure
Whenever someone closed a window
You opended up another door.

I lost the fight 'cause you weren't with me
Gave up 'cause I didn't want to try
But I won't give up anymore
Because you're fighting by my side.

February 28, 2010

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I have 2 beautiful little girls. I love to read. Fantasy novels mostly. Who needs any more reality than what's on the news. I love music. REAL music. Not that rap crap. I like to bake my own food from scratch and watch everyone else eat it. I love the country and I love the mountains. If I had to pick between the 2 I don't think I could. I love to take pictures of everything and everyone. No one is safe when my camera is out. I like going the out-of-the-way way. The scenic route is always the best, no matter how much longer it takes. I love gardens full of flowers and willow trees and bird baths. I love the smell of the ocean and listening to the waves. I love having too many pillows and falling asleep in the bathtub. I'm just your average kinda girl, but then, there's more to me than most people think. :-)