Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Breathe - Anna Nalick

The inspiration for my blog name...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

[. The . Light .]

In the distance there is hope
That parts the stormclouds in my heart.
Though I can't quite reach to touch it
It renews my will to start.

My heart had been bruised... broken.
It hurt me just to breathe.
As the pieces start to mend together
I'm found wanting to believe.

I didn't dare to try before
I couldn't take the pain
Couldn't stand to be left all alone
If it happened once again.

But I've put that all behind me.
Even though it's far away
I have to keep crawling towards the light
If I'm going to be okay.

July 8, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

[. Black . Heart .]

You took me in covered in filth
With a heart as black as night
I'd long since given up on You
I'd long since lost the fight.

You watched from the shadows
As I'd stumble and I'd fall
You watched as I'd struggle to rise
Or at times not rise at all.

You walked cloes beside me
Though I never looked your way
When everyone else left me
I never saw that you would stay

I longed to just be noticed
I was dying for a friend
When I had no one to turn to
You were with me in the end.

You washed me clean and changed me
You took my heart and made it pure
Whenever someone closed a window
You opended up another door.

I lost the fight 'cause you weren't with me
Gave up 'cause I didn't want to try
But I won't give up anymore
Because you're fighting by my side.

February 28, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

[. The . Wooden . Door. ]

The wooden door with iron bars
Was meant to keep me safe.
To hide my deepest fears away
And keep a smile on my face.
The wooden door with iron bars
Was meant to stop the searing pain
To keep my days boring and dull
And to keep the nights so plain
The wooden door with iron bars
Was meant to dull the roaring ache
To keep the darkness locked up tight
And help to hold off heartbreak.
The wooden door with iron bars,
No sooner had I spoken,
The door keeping the despair at bay
Splintered, cracked... and now is broken.
January 14, 2010

Sunday, November 22, 2009

[. Never .]

I'll never be somebody's angel
Never first on anyone's list
I'll never be somebody's "beautiful girl"
Or referred to as "begging to be kissed."

You come to me when you need a shoulder
When you need to know somebody cares
It's ok, I know when you don't need me
It's easy to pretend I'm not there.

You see me, and see that I'm smiling
But don't think that it might not be real
You don't notice that it never touches my eyes
You don't realize the pain that I feel.

I'll never be anyone's angel.
It won't ever matter if I'm not alright
I'm struggling just to keep myself moving
And I feel like I'm losing the fight.

November 2009

. field . of . flowers .

I lay down in a field of flowers
And gaze up at the clear blue sky
I close my eyes and daydream
As the hours slowly pass me by

I feel the warm, soft sunshine
Gently kiss me on my cheek
And flower petals smooth as velvet
Tickle underneath my feet

But then a wispy cotton ball
Blocks out the rays of light
And the air grows cold and harsh
As daytime seems to turn to night

The fresh green blades of grass
Die and fade to brown
The velvet petals wither
And then fall quickly to the ground

My daydreams turn to nightmares
My field has evanesced
My eyes can't grow accustomed
To the ugliness that's left

The lightness of my soul's vanished
Fear settles on my heart
The contentedness that was my world
All at once is torn apart

Anguish takes the place of joy
Desperation now lives on
Any hope that I once had,
Like my flower field, is gone.

February 3, 2008

[. broken .]

I knew that it had broken
It was shattered, torn apart
I knew it was bound to happen
You finally destroyed my heart.

I saw it laying there in pieces
Jagged, cracked, and dying
I heard the wrenching, twisted sobs
I knew my soul was crying.

I lay there begging... pleading
"Don't do this to me please!"
You turned your back and walked away
And left me screaming on my knees.

I knew that it was broken
I knew you'd be the one to break it.
I know that it can't be made whole again
I'm in pain... and I can't take it.

March 22, 2006

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