Sunday, November 22, 2009

. field . of . flowers .

I lay down in a field of flowers
And gaze up at the clear blue sky
I close my eyes and daydream
As the hours slowly pass me by

I feel the warm, soft sunshine
Gently kiss me on my cheek
And flower petals smooth as velvet
Tickle underneath my feet

But then a wispy cotton ball
Blocks out the rays of light
And the air grows cold and harsh
As daytime seems to turn to night

The fresh green blades of grass
Die and fade to brown
The velvet petals wither
And then fall quickly to the ground

My daydreams turn to nightmares
My field has evanesced
My eyes can't grow accustomed
To the ugliness that's left

The lightness of my soul's vanished
Fear settles on my heart
The contentedness that was my world
All at once is torn apart

Anguish takes the place of joy
Desperation now lives on
Any hope that I once had,
Like my flower field, is gone.

February 3, 2008

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