Sunday, November 22, 2009

. i'll . never . tell .

The girl is young and innocent
Her heart has seen no wrong.
She's got beautiful, big, chocolate eyes
And vanilla colored hair that's long.
The little girl plays with her dolls
She smiles all the time.
And even though she won't tell you
She still likes hearing nursery rhymes.
She's always trusted everyone
She didn't know she shouldn't.
She didn't know she should say NO
Until she realized she couldn't.
She's not innocent anymore.
Her chocolate eyes have lost their shine.
Her pretty hair hangs in her face
And she hates those nursery rhymes.
The little girl stares at the floor
She won't look you in the eye.
You know that she's unhappy
But don't think to ask her why.
The girl is all grown up now.
She tries to hide her feelings well.
But don't ask her why she cries at night
Because I know she'll never tell.

December 4, 2003

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